Direct Mail

 Direct mail creates a positive impression for a brand or company and it increases their loyalty. 
In nonprofit, direct mail fundraising is used to acquire new donors or members and to inform, cultivate,
and to retain or upgrade a donors level of contribution.

From concepts to completion in varying shapes and sizes I have designed direct mail fundraising for nonprofits in television and radio. Packages included outer envelope, reply envelope, letter, and reply form and depending on the messaging, some included brochures, inserts, bookmarks, post-it notes, or other any other promotional materials.



The primary objective of advertising is to target your ideal customers and maintain your trust with them.

A few ways to advertise your product or message is in magazines, newspapers, flyers, billboards, banners, etc.


Magazines & Brochures

Publishing a magazine or brochure depends on the information you want available to the reader.

Magazines are generally financed by advertising where brochures are used to advertise a companies product and information.